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How have practices changed? A physician assistant offers a look into how her facility adjusted to the pandemic and how she kept up with the latest in evidence-based dermatology.
Case Reports
The authors report a rare variant of Sweet syndrome (SS) following treatment for multiple myeloma, highlighting the signs of histiocytoid SS and the clinical outcomes following treatment.
While surgery is still the treatment of choice for cutaneous malignancy, newer technologies such as surface radiotherapy can provide an alternative for patients with nonmelanoma skin cancers.
After a year of battling the modern pandemic, we are now seeing a mass roll-out of one of our best weapons against COVID-19: vaccines. While mRNA technology is novel, it is an effective tool in the fight against COVID-19 with several unique…
Cover Story
Social media can be a useful addition and worthwhile investment for business and patient education. Dr Sheila Farhang shares her tips on how to get started on getting likes and comments.
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