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The following has been adapted from transcripts of Expert Insights in Atopic Dermatitis: Confronting Issues and Challenges Beneath the Surface, a multimedia content series examining atopic dermatitis at levels deeper than the skin’s surface. This…
The Dermatopathologist
This case report and literature review continues to define the role for pseudovirion-triggered mannan-binding lectin activation in the pathogenesis of severe and critical COVID-19.
Cover Story
While the pandemic may have shifted the focus onto teledermatology, a number of other technologies are finding ways to make diagnosis, treatment, and management easier than ever before in dermatology.
Hair can be intimidating to treat and frustrating for patients, but Dr Matt Leavitt offers some easy pearls to drop into any medical dermatology practice.
The authors discuss a case report of a rare malignancy only discovered upon Mohs surgery, highlighting the importance of examining the entire tissue specimen on histology.
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