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Recent anti-racism movements have accentuated the longstanding need for increased training on darker skin types. The Skin of Color Society and its members are making strides in helping all dermatologists improve their knowledge.
This visual 12-patient series by Drs Shumel and Rossi demonstrates the efficacy of dupilumab in patients aged 6 to 11 years with severe atopic dermatitis treated over a 16-week period.
NEA Approved Features
Patients often describe seeking alternatives and adjuncts to care for the treatment of their atopic dermatitis. The literature has explored some of the potential in these options.
NPF Endorsed Features
Phototherapy continues to be a mainstay of psoriasis treatment. Dr Gelfand highlights recommendations for phototherapy administration and patient discussions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Dermatopathologist
In this latest edition of The Dermatopathologist, Dr Kubiak et al discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan of a patient presenting with a single nodular lesion on his left shoulder.
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