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Bullying is common in childhood, and children with visible skin conditions can be highly vulnerable. Dermatologists can play a critical role into helping their pediatric patients through early screening and management.
Patients are savvier than ever when selecting their dermatologist. This cross-sectional study of a provider review website set out to determine what factors affect patient satisfaction.
A sexagenarian man with a history of polysubstance abuse and chronic, active HCV without cirrhosis was referred to our dermatology clinic for recurrent acral blisters exacerbated with sun exposure and alcohol intake.
NPF Endorsed Features
Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, FAAD details what you need to remember when diagnosing and treating psoriasis in patients of color.
Telehealth may have a time and place in dermatology, but the quality and efficiency of the in-person visit can never be replaced.
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