Study Suggests Artefill is Effective in Treating Acne Scars

Suneva Medical announced that it provided a research grant to support an investigator-sponsored research study to evaluate the degree of correction and patient satisfaction after injection of atrophic scars with Artefill. The data was presented by Dr. James Spencer, the grant recipient and study investigator, in a poster session at the 2010 Orlando Dermatology Conference that took place in Orlando, Florida January 15 to 18, according to the company.

"Acne scarring can cause a tremendous loss of self-esteem and remains a difficult burden for affected patients," said Dr. James M. Spencer, in a press release. "Based on the data from my study, we are encouraged that Artefill appears to provide an effective and potentially longer-lasting treatment option for patients with atrophic acne scars amenable to filler correction. This study demonstrates that when used appropriately, Artefill is well tolerated and can result in high patient satisfaction."

The data is a result of a single-center, open label study of 14 healthy male and female patients between the ages of 24 and 69 who met all inclusion and exclusion criteria and had atrophic acne scars amenable to correction with Artefill. The majority of patients (93%) reported that they would do the procedure again and would recommend the procedure to others.

Dr. Spencer continued, "While temporary fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, are considered a first line treatment for atrophic acne scars, they necessitate repeated returns to the physician for additional and expensive injections. We believe that correction of atrophic acne scars with a longer-lasting filler could provide a more desirable treatment option for these patients."

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