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Kenneth Beer MD
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Highlights and pearls from the June 2009 Cosmetic Bootcamp Meeting in Aspen, CO. ________________________ The most recent Cosmetic Bootcamp, held in Aspen, Co, in June, was one of the most intense meetings of core specialists. Information about advanced techniques, new products and topics ranging from the aesthetic impact of acne to a global skincare summit to new developments in lasers, fillers and toxins were presented by leading physicians from dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and oculoplastic surgery. New This Year Global Skincare Summit New at this year’s summer session was a global skincare summit sponsored by Ortho Dermatologics. Plastic surgeon Julius Few joined dermatologists Jeanine Downie, Wendy Roberts, Vic Narurkar, Cheryl Burgess, Mary Lupo and me to present information about how lasers, cosmeceuticals, fillers and toxins are being used for ethnic skin and what differences are required when treating skin of color. Poster Session Also new this year was a poster session that enabled presenters to provide information in a rapid and concise manner. Although there were a small number of posters presented, what was available was interesting. Combinations of anesthetic with fillers as well as a preliminary report on a novel topical treatment to reduce post-treatment bruising were two that caught my eye. Some Treatment Highlights Raising Eyebrows Among the techniques presented were methods to inject the lateral brow and periorbital lines with fillers. Typically, these areas are addressed by treatment with botulinum toxins, but in some patients, the static component needs to be corrected. Dr. Susan Weinkle demonstrated injections into the inferior brow using Restylane or Juvederm to raise the brow in a very dramatic manner. What impressed me about her technique was the ability to restore a youthful brow using small amounts of material. Chemical Peels Dr. Gary Monheit discussed chemical peels in the age of lasers and presented information about TCA, glycolic and salicylic acid peels. Demonstrations of 30% TCA, glycolic acid and a new 30% salicylic acid peel from Theraplex (disclosure: I am a shareholder) were performed with discussions about patient selection, consent, post-treatment care and relative risks and benefits of each. Dr. Monheit also discussed the clinical trials for the newly approved botulinum toxin (Dysport). Combination Rejuvenation + Eyelash Treatment In conjunction with Dr. Mary Lupo, I had the opportunity to present information on treatments for hypotrichosis of the eyelashes and treatment with bimatoprost opthalmic solution (Latisse). I also presented a didactic seminar on multi-modality treatment for a 50-year-old face. During this session, I was able to discuss my approach to combining botulinum toxins, fillers, volumizers and lasers to restore a more youthful appearance. Etiologies ranging from loss of bone density to deterioration of soft tissue and accumulation of photodamage were evaluated for their relative contributions. Periorbital Aging Treatments Dr. Brian Biesman, an oculoplastic surgeon, provided a unique perspective on periorbital aging. An expert in injections, lasers and surgical approaches to this area, he discussed how he uses each modality to rejuvenate the periorbital complex. A significant learning point gained from his lecture was the limitations of non surgical approaches for patients with excessive lid laxity. (If they fail a snap test, it’s best for most of those patients to have a surgical evaluations.) Practice Management Each year, The Cosmetic Bootcamp hosts a financial summit that gathers venture capitalists, market analysts, key opinion leaders from each specialty and industry leaders in the same place to discuss present market conditions, future investments and likely outcomes from differing initiatives. This is one of the most fascinating aspects of the meeting as it exposes the physicians to decision makers from industry and venture capitalists to the physicians who will or will not use their future products. The atmosphere is candid. Leaders from the major companies were once again represented at this event. Looking Forward The Marketing and Management meeting in December will be the first that directly addresses the needs of nurse practitioners and physician assistants working with core aesthetic doctors to get the advanced training they require. Extenders who accompany their physicians will have a separate symposium on techniques for fillers, toxins, peels and lasers in an effort to keep them on the same page as their team. The Cosmetic Bootcamp is an unusual meeting because of its focus and collegial environment. Future meetings in December will focus on marketing and managing an aesthetic practice; the Cosmetic Bootcamp University — free to residents and fellows in core specialties — which will help to bridge the gap between training and patient care, will have fascinating curricula and leading faculty. Information about the meetings can be obtained at Dr. Beer is in private practice in West Palm Beach, FL. He’s also a Volunteer Clinical Instructor in Dermatology at the University of Miami, a Consulting Associate in the Department of Medicine at Duke University, and Director of The Cosmetic Boot Camp meeting. Disclosures: Dr. Beer is an owner of Theraplex LLC, and consults, speaks or performs clinical trials for 3M, Bioform Medical, Lumenis, Medicis, Sanofi Aventis, Solta Lasers and Stiefel.

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